We take pride in listening to the needs of our customers. Feedback makes it clear that there’s a need for aluminium bi-folds for larger and more heavy-duty applications, matching the quality of a uPVC window system.

This got us thinking – what if there was a way to create a true aluminium door with the same sculptured profile as the Liniar window system?

What if we could make it the most thermally efficient aluminium bi-fold out there?

And what if we could foil the exterior, so it matched perfectly with uPVC windows?

We did consider multi-material clad hybrid doors – however our feedback showed there are inherent problems with this type of bi-fold. Not only do they require specialist machinery and set-up costs, they can be extremely difficult to fabricate. Furthermore, the warmth of the uPVC is hidden away inside the profile so it’s difficult for consumers to see the benefits of such a system.
A true aluminium bi-fold was the answer.

With these objectives in mind, the Liniar design team embarked on a project to create the first thermally efficient aluminium bi-fold to match a uPVC window system.

The results are clear – Alumina by Liniar breaks new ground with superb strength, high security, low U-values, sculptured lines and a ‘warm touch’ exterior.

And with it, Liniar becomes the first systems company to offer a full suite of fully matching products for any home or building.

Alumina is more energy efficient than other aluminium bi-fold doors – with U-values as low as 1.2 W/m2k.
Liniar were the first to launch a bespoke uPVC bi-folding door system with associated patented hardware and have more than 500 years of industry experience between them – the same team of experts have designed and developed Alumina by Liniar.
The latest development from this ground-breaking company and team, Alumina heralds the arrival of a new breed of bi-folding doors.

So, what are the benefits? 

  • Lifetime warranty on Chrome and Gold marine grade door handles
  • 25-year warranty on Pro secure non drop flag hinges
  • 10-year warranties on Door Lock-8 locking points with x2 anti lift devices
  • 10-year warranty on door cylinders
  • 10-year Profile warranty
  • Available from an entry level “C”
  • Rated to an “A+” Energy rating
  • Shootbolt locking
  • Double handles
  • Secured by Design upgrade available on request
  • 40mm glazing option
  • Full colour range
  • Maximum size – 1000mm w x 2150mm h (sash size)
  • Unique warranty registration available on request


Choose from a wide variety of colour options including: White, Rosewood, Cream, Light Oak, Chartwell Green, Grey and classic Ebony Black. Liniar products are also offered in a wide choice of bespoke colours, please see Renolit foil book, (subject to availability and price on application only).

Colours Available

Bespoke Colour options

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